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Our Lord and Women
Written by Pía Septién   

July-August 2014 LiguorianJuly-August 2014

Bringing His Teachings to Life Today

By giving of their time, talents, and treasures, women today play a major role in enacting the teachings of Jesus Christ.

At the core of the New Testament we find the kerygma: the proclamation of what Jesus Christ did. The confession that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah who died, was buried, rose again on the third day, and is seated at the right hand of the Father is not a theory or a philosophy. It is a truth that we, as Christians, hold close to our hearts. Therefore, we can say the kerygma continues to transform people and their environment. 

Jesus, as the Christ, is the cornerstone of this transformative event. Without a doubt, his words and deeds shaped a new culture, where the dignity of humans as sons and daughters of God is the foundation. Our Western civilization—with its ethical value system where women and men are an integral part of society—sprang from this certainty.

A Positive Approach to Sex
Written by James Leehan, O.S.C.   
0703_Throwback_Thursday_Cover.jpgPublished July 1966

Teens on Target Section

Written in response to a reader’s letter~

The big difficulty with sex in the modern world is not its quantity but its quality. Everwhere you look there are a million contradictions. In the books and movies you are told it’s great! It’s glorious and fun! Then someone whispers a joke behind Sister’s back or snickers at a question in class and suddenly sex becomes dirty, “somethin’ ya don’t talk about.”

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So You Miss Mass
Written by F.M. Lee   


“A bit of hard, straight talk to that sad segment of Catholics who, for silly reasons, miss Mass on Sundays.”—lead in written by the author.

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Race Relations: A Major Test for Modern Christians
Written by James J. Gallagher   

021966_Liguorian_Cover.jpg Published February 1966

The question of the rights and privileges of our colored fellow citizens is not just the removal of certain abuses. It is a far deeper question: that of setting at liberty those positive spiritual qualities that the Negro people are called—in God’s divine providence—to contribute to the good of all our citizenship.

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Let's go back in time...
Written by Editor   

More than 100 years in publication yields a lot of content! Join us for Throwback Thursdays to trek back in time and see how Liguorian has always been in line with what's relevant.

Birth Control: What did the Council Say?
Written by Daniel L. Lowery, CSsR   

050814_Liguorian_TT.jpgPublished April 1966

The Liguorian editors continue to receive letters from obviously sincere people asking questions about birth control. A very common question is: “What did the Ecumenical Council actually say about birth control?”

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Moved by the Holy Spirit
Written by John Gresham   

March 2014

May-June 2014

Through daily prayer to the Holy Spirit, a young Polish boy struggling with his homework was transformed into the holy pope now known as John Paul the Great. 

A twelve-year-old boy was having trouble with his studies. His father opened the family prayer book and pointed to the Holy Spirit. He instructed his son to pray it every day. As the boy prayed to the Holy Spirit every day, he found that this divine teacher did indeed help him learn.

That boy grew to become quite a scholar. More significant, he eventually became a priest and then a bishop, and in 1978 was elected as Pope John Paul II.

He remained obedient to his father, praying to the Holy Spirit every day of his life. Even on his deathbed, when he could no longer speak, another priest helped him.

Through daily prayer to the Holy Spirit, a young Polish boy struggling with his homework was transformed into the holy pope now known as John Paul the Great. 

Dear Holy Father
Written by Jim Auer   

Published May-June 2005

Pope John Paul II’s Death on April 2, 2005, not surprisingly unleashed a flood of assessments, retrospectives, and biographies; his accomplishments and failings will be discussed for years to come. What might easily be missed in all the current evaluations of his unparalleled life, however, is how God lovingly prepared him at each new turn in his life for the struggles he would experience and the gifts he would bring to our world.

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Understanding Anger, Practicing Patience
Written by Daniel L. Lowery, CSsR   

Throwback Thursday!Published April 1997

“If we asked a representative group of adults who frequently receives the sacrament of reconciliation which sin they most often confess, which sin would that be? I would guess the sin of anger. But if we were to ask these same people to define or describe anger, we might very well draw a blank. We would almost certainly draw a blank if we asked them to tell us under what circumstances they consider anger to be a sin. It might be helpful, therefore, to look at anger first as an emotion or passion and second as a deadly sin.”

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